Hello, fellow book-lovers! I am so excited to start my journey as an author, creating beautiful books that inspire you to love and be love.


I hope that my books not only inspire you but that they also give you that thrilling feeling only a good book can give. Please take a look at the excerpt I have shared of my newest novella, and feel free to inquire about our events coming up this year!


With love,

Amanda E. Howard


What People Say


A storyline that shows how we affect those around us by having a loving attitude. There is an element, of "page-turner" as you want to keep reading to see how a situation is going to develop. Well written and I look forward to whatever Amanda comes up with in her next work.

John German

Quite a lovely read. The quaint environment you set up is delightful. To be a part of the festival fills our hearts with happiness. A wonderful story from a wonderful creation.